The Mindful Warrior Inner Circle Membership

Get the expert resources, accountability, and peer support you need to live the healthy lifestyle YOU desire.

You can build your healthy habits in a community of bad ass mamas, create friendships, and best of all?

You go at your own flexible pace to reach your health goals.

In this monthly membership you will receive:

  • A 7-day meal plan with recipes and nutritional details every month
  • A new 21-day challenge every month to build healthy habits (includes a calendar)
  • One mastermind class a month with Tricia that includes Q&A
  • A private Facebook group of kick ass mamas who support and hold each other accountable on the health journey
  • Access to exclusive online resources to help you hit your personal health goals

Challenge Calendars

Challenges are a great way to start cultivating new, healthy habits that are sustainable. You can do the monthly challenge with the community or on your own time with your downloadable calendar. Most challenges will be 21 days and the challenge changes each month!

Master Classes with Tricia

Every month there is a Live masterclass with me (Tricia) where I teach you about a topic related to nutrition, fitness, or mindset. Classes are recorded for members who can't attend the Live session. At the end of every class is a Live Q&A session and a chance for laser coaching.

Bring back routine and healthy habits back into your life!

Life has felt far from normal or controllable in 2020. But what you CAN control is your physical and mental health. Doing your best to show up for yourself and your family every day is easier when you can fill up your own cup. Join the Mindful Warrior Inner Circle to begin filling your health cup back up!

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Why Community Memberships Work


Just as we aren't meant to parent alone, we aren't meant to work towards our health goals alone. It takes a village, my friend.

Community memberships give mamas the opportunity to receive support from a coach expert, as well as the support and advice of their fellow mompreneur community. 

When we tap into the energy and the positive vibe of a community, our motivation, our energy, and our drive to achieve our goals rise UP! And that is where our transformation magic starts to happen.

You Deserve The Good Stuff

No matter who you are or what your circumstances are, it is your right to live your healthiest life on your terms. And in the Mindful Warrior Inner Circle Membership, you are accepted and supported for where you are in your health journey. You receive the tools, the community, and the support, and it is totally up to you how you want to use them to hit your goals.

I'm Signing Up for the Good Stuff