7-Day Dinner Meal Plan

Save 15 hours a week, kickstart weight loss, and eat healthier with this free 7-day dinner meal plan.

With 7 dinner recipes, meal prep tips, and a comprehensive grocery list, you will FINALLY:

  • SIMPLIFY the process of planning and prepping healthy, tasty, kid approved meals so that you can get to the best part of dinnertime... family & eating!
  • Make healthy meals that support your weight loss goals so that you can create momentum and feel like the confident #momboss I know you are!
  • Spend 15 hours less time making food decisions so that you have more time for the things you actually love to do.

If We Haven't Met...

I am a straight shooting, foul mouthed, weight loss coach who believes all women can have the healthy lifestyle they want. It isn't always EASY to change habits, but there is a whole lot of simplicity when we stop complicating and quiet the noise!