Meal prep simple, healthy, family-friendly meals in 2 hours a week with my easy, 4-step method.

Even if you are a busy, working mom, you don't love to cook, or your family is "allergic" to healthy food 
What if dinner was ready within 30 minutes or less of getting in the door, there was no more shoving Subway sandwiches in your mouth while driving to soccer AND your whole family was eating healthier with you?

 This is not a BS fairytale story.

This can be your reality.


I get it. You work hard to eat healthy and provide healthy meals for your family. 

After a 10 hour work day, you come home exhausted, realize you have no plan for dinner, you can't make ONE more decision. Cue calling for delivery.

You start planning healthy meals for your family, realize no one is eating them, apparently everyone hates vegetables, you get pissed, and you torch the whole meal plan idea. 

You start the week out strong on Monday with your healthy meal plan, only to burn out by Wednesday, and eat cheese and crackers for the rest of the week while the rest of the family eats mac and cheese.
**It is time to figure out how to make meal planning easy, simple, sustainable, and tasty.**

Meal planning saves time, brain space, money, and calories.

You know this. You are a smart, badass mama managing family, work, chores, and 2 zillion schedules.

So why isn't meal planning working for you?

Does this sound familiar?

I want to meal plan, but...



The Mamas Who Meal Prep is a 4-step course that walks you through how to create and prep a healthy, simple meal plan. Learn how to meal prep 2 hours per week to save you 15 hours of time! Not only will you get back time, you will reduce your food stress exponentially and sky rocket your healthy eating habits. 
Learn my pro tips on how to make healthy meal planning quick, easy and delicious.  You can finish this course in an HOUR. You will get access to my templates, tools and recipes to create a sustainable meal planning habit that STICKS!

The best part? It only takes ONE hour to complete this course!

Seriously, Mama!




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I'm Ready to Start!


** Your healthy eating plans and meal prep lasted through the entire week.
** You didn't have to make a ton of food decisions every time you sat down for a meal.
** The whole family gobbled up that kickass meal you made that was legitimately tasty AND healthy.
** You didn't waste time, money  OR calories eating out at fast food and sit down restaurants regularly.
** There was no chaos around meals and you felt in control and organized with your healthy eating.
** You had 15 more hours of time to spend going for walks, time with your family, reading a book, or whatever the fuck you wanted to spend your time on.

Here's What You Will Learn!

Basics of Healthy Eating

  • Learn about how to calculate your calorie and protein needs to lose weight in a healthy way and stay full.
  • Identify quality whole foods and how to set up a meal/plate for a healthy meal without measuring every last thing.
  • Learn to calculate calories and the amount of lean protein to eat for sustainable, healthy weight loss. 
  • Build up your meal planning muscle using key, healthy pantry staples so that you can create a healthy meal, even when you forget to food shop.

Beginner Meal Planning

  • Learn the strategies to create a meal plan that is simple so that you avoid overwhelm and you stick with your meal plan.
  • Develop techniques to make meal prep approachable so that you make gradual changes toward long-term meal prep success.
  • Create and build a recipe library and a stash of meal ideas you and your family love so that you have easy meals at your fingertips.
  • Learn methods and tricks to get your family on board with the meal plan and feed the picky eaters without the tears!

Creating a Meal Plan and Grocery List

  • Learn in detail the simple steps to create a flexible meal plan that you can create quickly every week.
  • Organize your time in your meal plan to only cook 5 times a week MAX so that you stick to the your meal plan and feel your success.
  • Learn how to make your meal prep day efficient so that you only spend 2 hours in the kitchen for meal prep.
  • Build a grocery list from your meal plan that is simple to organize so you don't forget a crucial ingredient at the store.

Effective, Efficient (AND FUN!) Meal Prep

  • Learn what containers to use for meal prep so your food stays fresh and keeps your refrigerator/freezer organized.
  • Use the most handy kitchen equipment to make meal prep easy and you purchase less gadgets. 
  • Learn tricks and tips on how to meal prep efficiently so that meal prep is fun and you have more time with your family.
  •  Meal prep and store food safely so that you and your family stay healthy.




4 Time- Saving Video Training Modules

You will learn the basics of how to meal plan and prep for a healthy lifestyle, how to set up a plate for weight loss and how to meal prep in 2 hours a week to set yourself up for success. 

Implementation Guides and Templates

Each module comes with an implementation guide, checklists and templates to assist you in creating your own meal plans, grocery list and meal prep techniques.

Forum of Support And Ideas

Access to an online community of other badass mamas who are meal prepping and planning with limited time. Ask questions, get help, and get recipe ideas!

Bonus #1 - Recipe Book (Value $97)


25 simple recipes that can be added into your meal plans. These recipes have been kid tested and working mom approved, and they have meal prep suggestions, so no need to scour Pinterest and Google for your next recipe! These recipes also make veggies actually taste good (and we all know that can feel like a miracle). 

Bonus #2 - Two 7-day meal plans with grocery lists and recipes (Value $97)


We all need a little help when we get started. While you are still flexing your meal plan and prep muscle, I am providing you with a couple meal plans to play around with and use as a set up for success. And yes indeed, MORE recipes!


Let's Get the Meal Planning Party Started



*Price in USD

I'm Ready to Start!

"My credit card bill was SIGNIFICANTLY lower from eating in and meal prepping. I'm really enjoying the meals, the ease of it, and the fact that my kids are eating the dinners too!"

J. Van Praag
Mama of two

"I am a MUCH happier person and a MUCH better mom! I've gained confidence, strength, self-esteem and seemingly endless energy by learning simple meal prep tools."

E. Weiland
Mama of 2 and Teacher

"This course taught me about portion sizes and how to meal prep for a busy lifestyle. It provided me with the tools to become a healthier person and re-trigger my mindset around weight and healthy weight-loss."

K. Wiese
Communications Professional

What's up, Ladies!

I am Tricia, a health coach and a badass mama helping other warrior mamas create a healthy sustainable lifestyle.
I am a straight shooting, foul mouthed lady who fully believes ALL women are capable of the life and body they want through simple, consistent habits.
Ain't no quick fix to a healthy lifestyle, but there is a whole lot of simplicity.
When I was working 50 hours a week in a corporate job, raising toddlers, and running a household with my spouse, I knew I needed to get my ass organized if I wanted to lose weight and take control of my health. 
I found a simple method for meal planning that helped me lose 40 pounds and stay sane while working crazy hours. If I can do it, I KNOW you can do it too. Ready to start the party?



If mama isn't happy, ain't nobody happy. If you aren't satisfied with the Mamas Who Meal Prep Course within the first 30 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund of your investment if you:

1. Complete all modules and exercises.

2. Send evidence that all modules and exercises have been completed.

3. Reason why you were not satisfied with the Mamas Who Meal Prep course.

**Mindful Warrior Fitness reserves the right to deny a refund request.**

The Mamas Who Meal Prep Course is Right For You  IF:

  • You are ready to get organized, save money, and save time by prepping your meals.
  • You are ready to prioritize your health and the health of your family through food.
  • You have 2 hours of time per week to prep meals, to save yourself 15 hours of time and decision fatigue every week.
  • You want to focus on losing weight through food choices.
  • Have tried meal planning before and want a simple plan to work for you. 
  • You don't love cooking, but want to eat at home more often.

This course is NOT right for you IF:

  • You do not have an hour of time to watch the course.
  • You need to be convinced to do 2 hours of meal prep for success. I will teach you the steps and support you all the way while you are developing your skills, but you have to be willing to try!

Curiosity is a GOOD thing!

Here are answers to some of your burning questions

You will access the course straight from the Mindful Warrior Fitness website. Once you purchase, you will create a username and log-in and have immediate access to the course. You will also have immediate access to the implementation guides for download and all the bonus material.

You will have access for life! You can rewatch the modules as many times as you need and revisit all the material to build a strong meal plan and prep muscle.

It will take one hour (yes, one!) to watch all the modules. There are activities at the end of the modules that will take you 15-30 minutes. This course is designed to work within your busy schedule.

Yes, it will really save you time. When you have a plan and food already prepped, you free up a lot of time AND brain space to do other things besides feeding you and the household. Assuming you spend about an hour on each meal in a day (3 hrs of food thinking, prep, going out to get, etc.), if food is already prepped, you save 15 hours in one work week by prepping 2 hours a week. You may be a little slower in the beginning while you are learning to meal prep, but you will be much faster in no time at all.

Meal planning will actually reduce your decisions and decision fatigue. When you spend a little time planning and making meals, you don't have to think about what to do or what's for dinner because it is already done! And with all your new recipes, picking meals out will be a breeze.

Eating meals out and cooking things out of boxes includes highly processed foods that are chock full of sugar, salt and fat. Cooking at home (even 2-3 times a week) allows you to add more whole foods on to everyone's plate that taste good as well. And if you are eating healthier, your family will follow your lead!

The course is $37! And that is a screaming deal ;)

We want you to be satisfied! If you aren't satisfied with the Mamas Who Meal Prep Course within the first 30 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund of your investment if you:

1. Complete all modules and exercises.

2. Send evidence that all modules and exercises have been completed.

3. Reason why you were not satisfied with the Mamas Who Meal Prep course.

Mindful Warrior Fitness reserves the right to deny a refund request.

Start your habit of prepping healthy meals !



*Price in USD

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