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My name is Tricia Anstey and I am the founder of Mindful Warrior Fitness. I am a straight shooting, foul mouthed weight loss coach who believes all women can have the healthy lifestyle they want. It isn't always EASY to change habits, but there is a whole lot of simplicity when we stop complicating that nonsense.

I have always been an active runner and yogi, and I have  struggled to maintain a “healthy weight” my whole life. Some periods in my life I would find myself on top of my game and I would be in the exercise and diet zone. But inevitably, I would find that the pace I was keeping was unsustainable and that my love of food , specifically cheese and bread, always won out.  After an incredibly long, 4-year infertility struggle, I had two kids, 15 months apart (I do NOT recommend this insane approach to childbearing).  While I was, and am, incredibly grateful for my kids, I was pretty much pregnant for a million years, and I found myself at the highest weight I had EVER been in my life. I was exhausted with two babes under 2 and, you guessed it, I was working full time. My son didn’t sleep for 2 years, so I was a zombie that would go from Starbucks lattes and meetings during the day to gin and tonics and rocking babies at night. There was zero exercise in my life and lots of mac and cheese eating. I was officially 40 pounds overweight.

It dawned on me one day when I could barely button my biggest pair of jeans (and LOTS of well placed cursing and tears), that I had to adjust my life. It wasn’t so much that I needed to cut back on lattes and gin and tonics (ummm…..that was obvious), but I needed to approach my health differently. I did not have much free time, my responsibilities at home and work were growing, and taking care of myself was no longer an option; it was essential. I identified my pockets of time and what I could realistically do in a day.  In 2014, I stopped the BS excuses, I simplified my exercise (no more endless running on the treadmill), got my ass organized with meal prep, ate mindfully, dug deep for some courage, and created a lifestyle, NOT a diet. 

Not only did I start losing my weight, I did not eliminate any food groups, I kept off the weight, and had more energy than I ever had. Now my mission is to teach other working moms how to make a healthy lifestyle fit in with the madness of everyday life and come out of it feeling whole and energized. Courage, Mindful Warriors! Click here for some simple ideas on how to get your weight loss started. Start Weight Loss Here

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Download the Simply Slim pdf to get 7 Days of an easy dinner meal plan, simple recipes, and a  grocery list. The recipes have been approved by my kids!

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For a weight loss journey, consistent habits, simple systems, and strong mindsets are key.

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